Construction of the New Female Cancer Screening Ward

Construction of the New Female Cancer Screening Ward

In November 2016 it has been completed the construction of the new Female Cancer Screening Ward (FCSW) and the Diagnostic Laboratories Services and Administration (DLSA) departments at the Esteqlal Hospital in Kabul. The buildings have been fully furnished and the process of supply of IT devices, lab and medical equipment is on-going and it is expected to be completed soon.

One of the most important section of the departments is the Mammography and the new operational theatre that will be used to remove the masses detected in the breast of the patients. The medical and non-medical personnel of the FCSW has been trained to use and get the maximum out of the new diagnostic digital equipment.

The most important and delicate issue that the Center has to face is the dissemination of information (cancer issues and, more generally, the right of women to health and prevention); to this end relevant information were spreadboth as radio or television chats, articles published in newspapers and even the mullahs and the village Shuraswere involved.

In the capital of Afghanistan women will have the opportunity to perform a full breast screening and receive the necessary treatment in a public hospital without being forced to go abroad. The Minister of Public Health is planning to inaugurate the center in the next weeks.