Ceremony For The Presentation Of The New Afghan Penal Code

Ceremony For The Presentation Of The New Afghan Penal Code

On 11th November 2017, the Second Vice-President Mohammad Sarwar Danish and the Minister of Justice Abdul Baseer Anwar organized in Kabul the official Ceremony for the presentation of the New Afghan Penal Code, which was endorsed last March by the President Ashraf Ghani through Legislative Decree pursuant to Art. 79 of the Afghan Constitution. The event was attended by representatives of the main national stakeholders and international donors in the justice sector.

The new Code, which follows and replaces the previous one enacted in 1976, was finalized after 5 years of intensive technical working meetings of both afghan and international (including Italian) legal experts.

The text is due to enter into force in February 2018 and comprises 916 articles, modernizing Afghanistan’s penal legal system, reuniting all the current criminal laws and incorporating crimes provided by several international conventions.

The Italian Agency for Development Cooperation will provide its technical and financial support to contribute to the forthcoming implementation stage of this Code.